On the Move

Concepts & Vocabulary

The Busy City

Building Sizes and Shapes
low, short, tall, thin, two stories, wide

car, motorcycle, truck, wheels (turning, rolling)

Traffic Safety
green light/go; red light/stop; yellow light/slow down; cross the street, listen, look, stop, walk, etc.; crosswalk, sidewalk, stop sign, etc.

City Buildings
apartment, bakery, café, City Hall, fire station, flower store, hospital, library, market, school, shopping mall, store, etc.

Building Materials
brick, glass, wood, etc.

Travel Around Town

bike, bus, car, delivery truck, fire truck, garbage truck, tow truck, truck, van, etc.

Parts of Vehicles
bicycles (frame, handlebars, pedals, seat, wheels, etc.), bus (horn, wheels, wipers, etc.), car (body, wheels, window, etc.), shapes (circle, rectangle, square, triangle)

Around Town
baker, bank, block, café, corner, hospital, shopping mall, street, etc.

Travel Afar

Travel by Air
airplane (luggage, seat, ticket, etc.), helicopter, rocket, spaceship

Travel on Land
bicycle, bus, car, cart, subway train, train (choo-choo, truck), truck, etc.

Travel on Water
boat, canoe, motorboat, rowboat, sailboat, tugboat

Undersea Travel

The vocabulary and book list on this page are provided in the series
"Into English!"

Hampton Brown.


I Read Signs Tana Hoban
Sing a Song of People   Lois Lenski
*Cotubook Shelley  Shelley Rotner and Ken Kreister
Bicycle Race and School Bus  Donald Crews
Trucks Anne Rockwell
*Wheels on the Bus  Raffi
Freight Train  Donald Crews
On the Go  Ann Morris

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