Caring For Our World

Concepts & Vocabulary

Wonderful Water

Bodies of Water
lake, ocean, puddles, river

Water Conservation
clean, dirt, dirty, garbage, polluted, pollution, soap, trash, etc.; save, waste

Uses of Water
cook, drink, swim, wash dishes, water plants, etc.

Water Cycle
clouds, rain, sun, water, water vapor

Water Live
frog, plants, turtle, etc.

Terrific Trees

Tree Dwellers
ants, bees, birds, bugs, opossums, owl, rabbits, squirrel, etc.

Types of Trees
fir, oak, peach, walnut, etc.

Tree Products
door, fruit, nuts, oxygen peaches, syrup, walnuts, window, wood, etc.

Parts of a Tree
branches, flowers, fruit, leaves (big, little, pointed, soft, etc.), roots, sap, trunk, etc.

Seasonal Changes
fall (fruit), spring (buds, leaves), summer (flowers), winter (bare branches)

Our Precious Planet

Our Earth
earth, forests, fresh air, lakes, oceans, river, sky, trees, water, etc.

Living Things
animals, Human Race, people, plants, etc.

aluminum, cardboard, litter, paper, plastic, recycle, recycling, trash, etc.

Caring for the Earth
planting trees, riding the bus, etc.

Observing Natural Objects
close-up, feathers, flower, leaf, natural objects, petals, rocks, tree bark, turtle shells

The vocabulary and book list on this page are provided in the series
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Water Ways
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Rain Drop Splash
Alvin Tresselt
A Wetland Walk
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Audubon Society Field Guide to 
North American Trees
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The Tree Identification Book
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It Could Still Be A Tree 
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Good Night Owl
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 In a Faraway Forest
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The Great Kapok Tree 
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World World What Can I Do
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 Let's Take Care of the Earth
Roanne Lanczak Williams
 The Earth and I 
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I Celebrate Nature
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What is the Sun 
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Sky Above, Earth Below
Joanna Cotler
50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to
Save the Earth 
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Going Green; A Kid's Handbook to 
Saving the Planet 
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Douglas Hill and Joel Makower
The Learning Works Earth Book for Kids 
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