My World, Your World

Concepts & Vocabulary

Our Class

friend, get together, greetings (hello; how are you?, I’m fine, I’m tired; good morning; good afternoon; good evening), help, hurt, walk together

Kindergarten Basics
classmates’ names, days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday), numbers (one to ten; first, second, etc.)

Classroom Activities
cut, count, paint, sing, write, etc.

Classroom Materials
cubes, pencil, scissors, etc.

Our School

Places at School
cafeteria, classroom (doors, windows), library, office, playground (monkey bars, slide)

School Workers and Jobs
bus driver/drive, cafeteria worker/serve food, janitor/sweep, librarian/choose books, nurse/take temperatures, secretary/uses the telephone, teacher/teach, etc.

Our Neighborhood

Neighborhood Places
apartment, houses (address, door, mailbox, roof, window), post office (letter, mail, package, stamp), subway

Neighborhood Workers

baker, firefighter, letter carrier, police office, postal clerk

Workers’ Tasks
bake, deliver mail, mix, put out fires, roll, sort, stamp, stop traffic, weigh, etc.

Workers’ Tools and Accessories
badge, hat, mail bag, red hat, etc.


Timothy Goes to School
 Rosemary Wells
School Bus 
Donald Crews
Spot Goes to School
Eric Hill
I Want A Hat Like That 
 Children's Television Workshop Book
Going to the Doctor
Ann Civardi and Stephen Cartwrigh
What's My Job?
Betty Birney
I Like the Library 
Ann Rockwell
Building a House 
Byron Barton

The vocabulary and book list on this page are provided in the series
"Into English!"

Hampton Brown.