Close to Home

Concepts & Vocabulary

Family Portraits

Family Members
baby, babies (dress, love, wash, etc.), brothers, dad, father, grandma, grandmother, mom, mother, sister, son, stepmother, uncle, etc.

Physical Features
eyes (blue, brown, green), hair (long, short, etc.)

Family Activities
eat, swim, etc.

Relative Age
older, younger

Family Sizes
large, larger, small, smaller

Houses and Homes

adobe house, houseboat, motor home, etc.

Parts of a House
chimney, door, downstairs, garage, rooms (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room), stairs, steps,
swimming pool, upstairs, walls, windows, etc.

Household Items and Furnishings
bed, book, chair, plate, table, toothbrush, etc.

Household Activities
eat, play, read, watch TV, etc.

All in a Day

Daily Activities
brush your teeth, clean up, eat food, get out of bed, get up, go to school, say good night, etc.

breakfast (breads, cereal, eggs, etc.), dinner (meat, noodles, etc.)

Household Chores
feed the cat, make the bed, set the table, etc.

Days of the Week
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Rooms of a House
bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc.
Ann Morris
On Mother's Lap
Ann Herbert Scott
Whose Mouse Are You
 Robert Kraus
Ann Morris
Building a House
Byron Barton
A Dark Dark Tale 
Ruth Brown
Three Little Pigs
Ten Nine, Eight
Molly Bang
Good Night Moon
  Margaret Wise Brown
Time for Bed
 Mem Fox
Sleep Tight
BG Hennessy

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"Into English!"

Hampton Brown.