A Walk in the Woods

Academic Concepts & Vocabulary

Life Science

Animal Characteristics
beak, hair, leg, feather, fin, wing, tail, etc.

Animal Homes

anthill, burrow, cave, grass, nest, tree, web, etc.

Animal Sounds
meow, growl, purr, etc.

Five Senses
hear, see, smell, etc.

Forest Animals
ant, bear, bird, bunny, cat, fox, gorilla, possum, skunk, squirrel, etc.

Ocean Animals
fish, lobster, pelican, seagull, seal, shark, turtle, walrus, whale, etc.

Earth Science

Land forms and Habitats
cave, forest, lake, mountain, ocean, river, sea, etc.

Day and Night
moon, nighttime, sun, daytime

Physical Science

battery, bulb, case, lens, light, switch

Social Studies



U.S. Symbols

Mo State Flag

state flags


Geometric Shapes
circle, rectangle, square, triangle, etc.

foot length, hand length

Everyday Vocabulary

Colors, Sizes, Shapes, and Sensory Words


Sound Words
tum-tum-tee, etc.


Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Bill Martin, Jr. & Eric Carle
The Forest 
I. Sanchez & C. Peris
It Looked Like Spilt Milk 
Charles G. Shaw
Look Closer! 
Peter Ziebel
Nature Walk 
Peter Ziebel
The Three Bears
Byron Barton
Watching Foxes 
Jim Arnosky
Peter Rabbit
Beatrice Potter


The vocabulary and book list on this page are provided in the series
"Into English!"
Hampton Brown.