One to Grow On

Academic Concepts & Vocabulary
Life Science

Fruits and Vegetables
apple, beans, carrot, corn, melon, etc.

daffodil, daisy, iris, etc.

Parts of a Plant
bulb, flower, leaf, petal, root, seed, stem

Plant Growth Cycle
seed, sprout, flower, plant

Five Senses
hear, see, smell, taste, touch

ant, bee, beetle, cricket, etc.

Parts of the Body
chin, head, knees, toes, etc.

Plant Needs
soil, sun, water

Buying and Selling
cash register, money, clerk, customer

Social Studies

dig, grow, plant, pick, etc.

crackers, peanuts, raisins, sunflower seeds, treat, etc.

U. S. Holidays

State Symbols
state flower, rose, golden poppy, etc.


measure, length, tall

Language Arts

big/small, black/white, etc.

Everyday Vocabulary

Location Words
above, below, etc.

Order Words
first, after, next, then, finally, last

Colors, Sizes, and Shapes, and Numbers

Days of the Week

Classroom Objects


Backyard Sunflower
Elizabeth King
Everything Grows
Flower Garden
Eve Bunting
It's Pumpkin Time 
Zoe Hall
Nature Spy 
Shelley Rotner & Ken Kreisler
Pumpkin, Pumpkin 
Jeanne Titherington
The Tiny Seed
Eric Carle

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