Once Upon a Storm

Academic Concepts & Vocabulary
Earth Science

clouds, fair weather, forecast, lightning, rain, rainy, sun, sunny, snow, storm, storm cloud, thunder, thundercloud, thunderstorm, weather reporter, wind, windy, etc.

Life Science

abdomen, antennae, soldier, thorax, queen


Five Senses
cold, hear, hot, see, smell, taste, touch, wet

Social Studies

mother, father, son, daughter, grandfather, grandmother, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousins, etc.

Weather-Related Clothing and Objects
boots, galoshes, gloves, hat, raincoat, scarf, umbrella, etc.

afraid, scared, safe

Language Arts

Time Order Words
first, next, then, now

Reality and Fantasy
real, make-believe

Elements of Fiction
character, beginning, middle, end, problem, solution

Weather-Related Idioms
raining cats and dogs, under the weather, etc.

Everyday Vocabulary

one by one, two by two

Days of the week
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Sizes, Shapes, Colors
large, round, dark, etc.

Greetings and Good-byes
informal and formal greetings


 Robert Kalan
Weather Watch
Ina Cumpiano
Mushroom in the Rain
Mirra Ginsburg
No Place Like Home
 Valerie Tripp
The North Wind and the Sun 
 Brian Wildsmith
The Sun the Wind and the Rain 
Lisa Westburg Peters
 Frank Asch
The vocabulary and book list on this page are provided in the series
"Into English!"

Hampton Brown.