Hands On the World

Academic Concepts & Vocabulary

Social Studies

Building Tools
hammer, level, saw, screwdriver, shovel, tape measure, vise, etc.

Gardening Tools
clippers, hoe, hose, rake, trowel, watering can, etc.

Cooking and Eating Tools
chopsticks, fork, knife, mixing bowl, spatula, spoon, straw, etc.

Cleaning Tools
bucket, broom, mop, sponge, toothbrush, etc.

School Tools
paintbrush, pen, pencil, ruler, scissors, etc.

Tool Uses
build, clean, cook, cut, do schoolwork, eat, garden, pound, write, etc.

Globes and Maps
continent, country, world


Cardinal Directions
north, south, east, west

Needs and Wants
care, clothing, food, love, shelter

Family Member Names
father, mother, uncle, aunt, grandfather, etc.


need, problem, solve

bread, butter, crepe, dessert, egg, milk, etc.

Language Arts

Order Words
first, second, then, next, last

Everyday Vocabulary

cook, dust, mop, sew, etc.

Colors, Patterns, Sizes, Shapes, and Weights

Days of the Week



Growing Vegetable Soup
Lois Ehlert
An Auto Mechanic 
Douglas Florian
Nine O'Clock Lullaby 
Marilyn Singer
Away From Home
Anita Lobel
Bread, Bread, Bread
Ann Morris
A Country Far Away
Nigel Gray
Homes Are For Living 
Lois Ehlert
The Pottery Place 
 Lois Ehlert
The Pottery Place 
 Gail Gibbons
Eka desha durada/A Country Far Away
Nigel Gray
Peter Spier
O livro do lapis (A Book About Pencils)
Ruth Roca


The vocabulary and book list on this page are provided in the series
"Into English!"
Hampton Brown.