From Field to Table

Academic Concepts & Vocabulary
Social Studies

Raw Materials
corn, cotton plant, wood

Products and Goods
chair, comb, drumstick, house, jeans, plywood, skateboard, sweater, table, etc.

bacon, berry, bread, carrot, cheese, corn, cracker, egg, grape, jelly, juice, lettuce, milk, oil, etc.

Farm Animals
chicken, cow, pig, sheep

barn, crop, harvest, plant, seed, soil, tractor

Manufacturing Process
factory, product

Clothing and Tools
apron, belt, broom, hat


change, dollar, subtract, cents

Life Science

Parts of a Plant
ear of corn, husk, kernel, leaf, seed, silk, root


Plant Needs

dirt, earth, soil, sun, water

Growth Cycle

seed, sprout, full-grown plant

Five Senses

Earth Science

sun, rain, water


Language Arts

Action Words

<>Order Words
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
first, then, next, last

Everyday Vocabulary
Colors, Sizes, Shapes, Smells, Sounds, Tastes, and Textures


Gail Gibbons
Sunday Potatoes, Monday Potatoes
Vicky Shiefman
The Hen, the Rooster and the Bean
Lada Josefa Kratky
Growing Colors
Bruce McMillan
Things Change
Phyllis M. Bourne
What's on My Plate
Ruth Belov Gross
A Year in the Country
  Douglas Florian
When Winter Comes, When Summer Comes and
When Autumn Comes
 Robert Maass

The vocabulary and book list on this page are provided in the series
"Into English!"

Hampton Brown.