Communities USA

Academic Concepts & Vocabulary
Social Studies

artist, carpenter, doctor, farmer, lawyer, mail carrier, postmaster, storekeeper, surveyor, teacher, etc.

buildings, city, community, country, government, houses, land, roads, rural, street, suburban, transportation, urban

U.S. Civil War
Abraham Lincoln, battlefield, Civil War, citizens, Emancipation Proclamation, slavery, soldiers, war.

U.S. Government
amendment; bill; branch; campaign; candidate; Congress; Constitution; election; executive; government; judicial; leader; legislative; monument; President; speech; Supreme Court; titles of elected officials; vote; Washington D.C.; White House


subtract, take away

events, finally first, next, sequence, then, time line

Physical Science

Simple Machines


Language Arts

agree, arguments, debate, disagree, issue, no, true, yes

Elements of Nonfiction
autobiography, biography


address, caption, message, picture, postcard

Reference Sources

telephone directory

Everyday Vocabulary

Family Member
father, mother, son, etc.

Greetings and Social Courtesies

dear, thank you, etc.


Sing a Song of People
Lois Lenski
The Gettysburg Address Arbraham Lincoln
Dear Benjamin Banneker
Andrea Pinkney
Frederick Douglass: The Last Day of Slavery 
 William Miller
General Store 
 Rachel Field
Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King!
 David A. Adler
A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln
Allice and Martin Provensen
Town & Country

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Hampton Brown.