Top of the Mornin' to You
An Irish Expression which means I hope you have a great day.

It was so nice to see all those who came to our ELL Olympic Game Night last Thursday evening. The children and I worked very hard to prepare for this evening.   I so appreciate those who brought a dish from their culture for all to taste too!

 The children started the program by entering the room with their torches and flags. 

Then I showed the families some of the aspects of my ELL website.

Next my students shared games with the audience from their culture on the smart board in the library.

Then we all ventured back to the cafeteria where we enjoyed food from the ELL family's culture.

 We also had 
pizza, fruit, vegetables, lemonade and cake.

 Then names were drawn and each child received a game to play with their families.

There were also Communication Arts games that I made
for the children to play to help them reinforce skills in the classroom.
It was a busy evening. 

If you missed it, click on the globe to see
Our World Games

that we wrote about.



Due to our preparation for the ELL banquet we will continue to work in
Unit 5 Week 2
this week.
You can see the more detailed description in the
March Newsletter.
Kindergarten is working in Unit 8.

We will also work on our BAV words and play some more games. 

Please continue to look at the March Newsletter for updates each week.

It can be found on the front page of my website.

As I mentioned on Thursday
Please remember to always sit with your children while they are on the web.
It is for their safety.