Bloom and Grow

Concepts and Vocabulary

Life Science

Plant Parts

blossom, bud, chlorophyll, fibrous roots, flower, leaves, petals, pistil, plant, root hair, roots, shoot, stamens, stem, stigma, stomates, taproots, tube, vein

Plant Growth Cycle
germinate, growth cycle, ovule, pod, pollen grain, pollination, seeds, sprout

Fruits, Flowers, and Vegetables
berries, etc.; mums, etc.; peas, etc.

Photosynthesis/Plant Needs
air, carbon dioxide, light, minerals, photosynthesis, soil, sun, sunlight, water

Scientific Method
conclusion, hypothesis, observation

Social Studies


US Symbols
motto, Statue of Liberty, symbol, etc.

Reference Books: Encyclopedia

entry, guide letters, research, volume, etc.

Food Crops/Economics
crops, export, grains, import, product, etc.


Properties of Matter/Shape
actual, estimate, space, volume

bar graph, horizontal/vertical axis, etc.

Language Arts

Parts of a Book
cover, pages, title

Steps in a Process

first, next, process, result, steps, then, etc.

Everyday Vocabulary

Directions and Position Words
add, bottom, down, find, lay, put, etc.

Color, Sizes, and Shapes

Cactus Hotel 
 Brenda Z. Guiberson
 Discovering Trees 
 Douglas Florian
 The Legend of the Bluebonnet 
Tomie DePaola
The Living Earth 
Eleonore Schmid
The Lotus Seed
Sherry Garland
Miloli's Orchids 
Alisandra Jezek
Three Stalks of Corn 
Leo Politi
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