Fly Like an Eagle

Academic Concepts & Vocabulary
Life Science

Animal Classification/Traits
beak, birds, classify, claws, cold-blooded, feathers, fins, fish, fur, hair, mammals, reptiles, tail, talons, traits, trunk, tusk, warm-blooded, wing, etc.

Animal Names
eagle, elephant, fox, etc.

Animal Survival
adapt, camouflage, enemies, environments, habitats, migrate, parasites, protection, shelter, survival

Food Chain
food chain, predator, predatory, prey

Earth Science


air, anemometer, atmosphere, breeze, high pressure, low pressure, thermal, wind current/direction/speed

airplane, blow, dip, dive, flight, fly, glide, kite, lift, soar, spin, wings

meteorologist, rainy, etc.

Social Studies

U.S. History/Symbols
flag, symbol

Language Arts

Elements of Nonfiction
details, main idea

Parts of a Book
cover, glossary, table of contents, etc.

Reference Sources
encyclopedia, entry, guide letters


Number Properties/Operations
add, average, column, divide, total

Everyday Vocabulary

Body Parts
arms, back, ears, eyes, feet, fingers, hands, head, jaws, legs, mouth, neck, nose, skin, teeth, etc.

Food Names
Dolphin's First Day 
Kathleen W. Zoehfeld
A Kettle of Hawks
Jim Arnosky
An Octopus is Amazing 
 Patricia Lauber
Otters Under Water 
Jim Arnosky
Swim for Cover!
Sue Byner
Urban Roosts 
Barbara Bash
Weather Everywhere
Denise Casey

The vocabulary and book list on this page are provided in the series
"Into English!"

Hampton Brown.