Liberty and Justice for All

Academic Concepts & Vocabulary
Social Studies



debate, fair/unfair, freedom, liberty, politics, representation, rights, taxation, vote

U.S. Constitution
assembly, constitution, documents, freedom, government, press, religion, trial, vote
School House Rock – Consitution Song


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Betsy Ross Flag
Betsy Ross Flag
U.S. Flag
design, flag, stars, stripes, symbol, etc.

U.S. Revolutionary War
address, ammunition, army, battle, boycott, Britain, British, cause, colonists, colony, Commander-in-Chief, Continental Congress, country, debate, Declaration of Independence, England, faith, Intolerable Acts, names of colonies, occupy, politics, protest, Quaker, rebel, repeal, resolution, revolution, self-rule, settled, soldiers, Stamp Acts, state, storehouse, tax, Townsend Acts, war

battery, circuit, electricity, experiment, wire

add, multiply, percent

Language Arts

finally; first, second, third, etc.; then

Study and Reference Skills
time line, encyclopedia

Everyday Vocabulary

red, white, blue, etc.

cost, dollars, cents, price, tax

circle, rectangle, square, star

Social Courtesies
please, thank you, etc.
The Flag We Love
Pam Munoz Ryan
A Picture Book of Benjamin Franklin
Franklin David Adler
America the Beautiful 
Katherine Lee Bates
Dear Benjamn Banneker
Andrea Pinkne
A Picture Book of George Washington
David Adler
Shh! We're Writimg the Constitution 
Jean Fritz
We the People
Peter Spier
La carta de derechos
Warren Colman
La constitucion 
Warren Colman
La declaracion de independencia 
Dennis Fradin
Los presidentes 
Carol Greene


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