When I think of Afghanistan I think of

I am going to talk about the Afghan people.  The population of Afghanistan is made up of many different ethnic groups.  The largest groups are the Pashturns, Tajiks, and the Hazor.  There are many differences between these groups but they have a great deal in common, including that most follow the religion of Islam.  Life in Afghanistan changed in the mid 1990's when the Taliban took over.  Taliban introduced strict laws that dictated how people should live.  These laws took away many people's rights, especially for women and people who were not Pashturn.  Taliban laws said girls could not go to school.  Women were not allowed to work and people were forced to live in refugee camps in Pakistan.  In 2001 the United States sent troops to Afghanistan to fight against terrorist in the Taliban who were living there.  With the help of the Northern Alliance and Afghan groups that opposed the Taliban the United States and its allies overthrew the Taliban government. Since then the Afghanistan people have some of their freedoms.  Since the end of the Taliban rule, women have retained many of their rights.  Now women are allowed to put on make-up, and can work as doctors, lawyers and teachers.  My Grandma is a teacher and they have a good life.