Traditionally Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Christians believe that after dying on a cross

Jesus Christ,  the son of God,
rose from the dead
after three days.

Easter is the day Christians go to

to remember this miracle.

Plays reenact the story in church and on TV.
It is called the Passion Play.

In America it is also the day when people color eggs,  visit with family,  have Easter egg hunts and hope that the
Easter Bunny

brings a basket of candy with jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and colored eggs.

People dress up in their best clothes on this day.
Easter hats and bonnets are sometimes worn.


Some times children are given real or stuffed rabbits, ducks and chicks in their Easter Basket.

The Easter Bunny is often called Peter Cottontail.

Some towns have Easter Parades.

There are many Easter books.

Easter songs are also heard at this time.
Two famous songs are
"Here Comes Peter Cottontail"
"Easter Parade"

It is a religious holiday as well as a secular holiday.


Easter Parade
Chocolate Bunny






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