President's Day

The Oath Of The Presidents
        I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the Untited States, and will do the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the Untited States.!

President's Day is the third Monday in February. It was chosen to be on that day because George Washington's,our first president, birthday is January 22.  Since Abraham Lincoln's birthday is on February 12 many choose to honor him as well on this day.

As their have been many great presidents many people wish to remember all presidents on this day.
I have decided to feature presidents who are on Mount Rushmore and on our currency.
I have also decided to feature our current president.

Curennt President
Barrack Obama

  Fourty fourth President

George Washington

First President
Father of Our Country

On the dollar

On the quarter

George Washington's Home

Mount Vernon

Washington Monument

Thomas Jefferson
Third President
Wrote the Declaration of Independence
On the two dollar bill
On Mt Rushmore
Jefferson Memorial
Thomas Jefferson's Home


 Declaration of Independence

Translations of the Declaration

Louisiana Purchase

Theodore Roosevelt
Twenty Sixth President
On Mt. Rushmore
Won Nobel Peace Prize
Theodore Roosevelt's Home

 Sagamore Hill

Abraham Lincoln
Sixteenth President
On the penny
On Mount Rushmore
Civil War President
Freed Slaves

Lincoln's home

Lincoln Memorial

Franklin Delanor Roosevelt
Thirty Second President
Four Term President

On the dime

Franklin D. Roosevelt's Home


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