When I think of SINGAPORE I think of ...

WHEN I THINK ABOUT Singapore  I think about pink dolphins and a shop that lets you touch a snake that has no teeth.  The city has cable cars and lots of palm trees.  I also think about a restaurant that has lots of cats in the the alley.  I also remember that it was hot.  They bring food to you and the bathroom was far away.  We had to jump over a dirty puddle to get there.  Singapore is a very busy place.

Every family cleans the house very well.  Chinese believe we can chase the bad luck away.  Everyone will shower and get a hair cut before Chinese New year.  We eat dinner together especially dumplings.  You might get money in the dumplings.  When I get up in the morning we say Gong-Xi Fa Cha to our family  They will give me money in a red envelope.  We visit family and friends.  We treat everyone with food and candy.  Sometimes we play Mahjong.  It’'s a game like dominoes.  Sometimes you can win money.  In Chines New Year, we try not to sweep the floor, because you will wash away the luck, If you break a dish, you better say something nice about it like the broken piecses look like flowers.  We eat candy and nuts.  They will bring us good luck.  Chinese have been celebrating for 3,000 years.  It gets better every year.