When I think of Belarus I think of...

My Home

     In Russia we have wood houses and brick houses.  Sometimes we have two
doors.  Our houses are black, white, blue and red.  We have big kitchens
and big rooms and we have fifteen rooms and three kitchens so we do not
have to go all over the house.  Our tables are made of wood.  We have
fifteen tv's and 14 beds.  Fifteen people live in our house.  Our house
is like a playground.  We have a back yard so I can play with my


Every Christmas we eat food and we get many gifts.  We have a Christmas tree and we go to church.


 Russian Festival

Have you ever seen a Russian festival? If not I will tell you all about them. Our festivals are very famous. They only come two times a year. Then the city is filled with balloons and decorations. Everyone gathers at the central street trying to get a good seat. Russian parade is a great way to relax. At festivals we have big parades. If you look closely you can see new car models and video games. We have lots of food too. Some people even have picnics. After that magicians come out and do magic tricks. Finally  men and women come out to sing and dance. So now you know about Russian festivals.

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