When I think of  China I think of...

When I think about China I think about the great wall of china.  It is huge.  It is cool up there abecause I think I’m over the world!!! I also think about my souse.  You have to walk 50 staricases to get up to my house.  No shooting, no stealing, and no kidnapping!  I love it there.

My House

    In China my house is different.  The house is made out of brick.  The
brick has two different colors.  One color is red and one color is
concrete.  Our rooms are small.  We have 15 room.  The kitchen is big
and we have two doors in the front hall and our porch is huge.  We like
to watch tv on the couch.


When I think of China I think of my house.  It is really poor.  I think of my grandma's daughter and I think of my brother and sister.  I have a lot of friends and I think of all my friends.  They make me
happy when I am sad and alone.

When I thik of China I think of Buddah's Temple and I think of my friends and I think of grandpas's apple tree.  The apples fall off the tree they are delicious.  I  think of my house too. My house is orange. 


Chinese New Year

Every February I have a Chinese New Year.  We celebrate.  We eat a lot of food.  When I am 9.  When Chinese New Year comes I am ten.  We get money. The money goes in the red envelope.    We like to have all the family come so that is our new year.

Chinese New Year

We have a big parade and a festival. We dress up in dragon heads and gods costume.  We have lots of food like meat, chilies and chickens.  We honor the gods and we have a big fire work show at the Forbidden City.  Chinese New Year is fun.


When I think of China I think of I went to my friends house.  I fished with my friends.  China was cool and I also go to swim with the dolphins.  We saw lots of crabs. The crabs are fast but we catched ten of them.  There are lots of goats in China.
We also have partys and we get presents.  There are lots of ice cream and China is a great place.






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