Tells or asks someone to do something.

These are a few commands that we need to know.

Put it on my desk.

Underline the word. Underline
Underline the picture.


Circle the picture/word.




Get the paper.

Pass out the paper.

Write on the paper.

Put your name on the paper.

Put your name at the top of the paper.

Put your name at the bottom of the paper.

September 7, 2003
Put the date on the paper.


Cut the paper.

Throw it away in the waste basket.

Get in Line.

Open the door.

Open the book.

Close the book.

Turn to page 6.
Turn to page 156.

Raise your hand
Stand up.

Sit Down.


Don't run.


Write an essay.

Go see the secretary.

Go to the office.

The principal is in  his/her office.

Go to the cafeteria.

Get a tray.

Pour it in the cup.

Bring your lunch.

Go to the nurse.

Go to the doctor.

You will need to see the dentist.




Talk in 6 inch voices.
No talking in the hall.

Go to the cabinet.

Go to the file cabinet.

Go to the bulletin board.


Go the the chalkboard.

Go to the blackboard.


Go to the dry erase board.

Use glue.
Use paste.

Use a pencil.

Use colored pencils.

Use a pen.

Use markers.

Use paint.

Paint a picture


Use crayons.

Get out your scissors.

Bring me the stapler.

Staple your paper.

Look at the map.

Bring me the globe.

.Name the continents.

Pick up the floor.
Pick up the paper.

Pick up the trash.
Put it in the waste basket.
Put it in the trash can.

Sharpen your pencil.

Do your homework.

Take this home.

Give this to your mother.

Give this to your father.

Give this to your parents.

Have your parents sign your paper.

Have your parents sign your assignment book.

Write in your assignment book.

Send money for.....

We are going on a field trip.

Have your parents sign the permission slip.

Bring this back.

Tell me yes or no.

Tell me the time.

Tell me the day.

Tell me the month.

Tell me the year.

Divide your paper in half.


Fold into 3 parts.

Fold it like a hot dog.

Fold it like a hamburger.


Cut on a straight line.

Walk across the room.

Make a wavy line.



Do you understand?

This is a question.

Not a command

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