December Celebrations


Las Pasodos

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In my opinion the wonderful thing about the United States of America is we are a land that bases its heritage on many cultures.  We embrace people of all lands and beliefs. We have freedom of expression and share our cultures.  Most of us can trace our heritage to another nation. Some of us have Native American (Indian tribes) roots which as my students have learned were also diverse in their beliefs.  We have been called a "melting pot" of people.  We have also been called a "salad bowl"  We are all important in making this nation great. All nations bring their expertise to our culture.  My students share their backgrounds and celebrations with me.  I feel enriched by these experiences.  As Ghandi said,
"If we are to have real peace, we must begin with the children."
I believe this philosophy.
Understanding one another brings peace.
My students are examples of friendships among cultures.
This page contains some December celebrations in America which have been brought to us from people around the world.