When I think of Ethiopia I think of...

Our House

I can clearly recall our house in Ethiopia.  Let me start from the out
side which is decorated by so many different types of flowers and
plants.  Our fence is made with spruce planted close to each other.
Then you walk in the door to find the wide blue green painted living
room.  Most of the space in the living room is taken by the couch and by
it we have a dining table.  The way the television and the couch set
catches a visitor's eye.  The windows in the living room are pretty big.
They  face the outside right behind one of the couches.  There is also
another window facing the back door by the dining tables.  This window
puts you in a relaxing mood helping you see the outside world.
Pass the living room to the left there are three bedrooms and two
bathrooms. which leaves the kitchen to go the other way (right) Each
bedroom has window.  I clearly remember the color of the curtain which
was blue with white daisies on it.  My bedroom was always full of toys,
stuffed animals and games.  On the other hand my sister and my parents
bedrooms were filled with serious stuff like paper works and books.
The kitchen is the next thing the comes after the bedroom.  It looks
more like the kitchen we have in America now.  Our big green
refrigerator never missed to have fruits and sweets besides our
traditional food.

These are some of the many things I can still remember about my house in
Ethiopia.  I hope you enjoy learning about it.


Christmas in Ethiopia is similar but not the same.  We celebrate it on
January 17.  We don't put up a tree. There is no Santa Claus.
If you go to Ethiopia and ask  them who Santa Claus is they
wouldn't know who you're talking about.  We go with our mom and dad as
they buy us our presents.  That is the thing that is the same as here.
We also sing on Christmas.  We don't get snow at Christmas.  It's tropical
weather.  We go to church.  I think Christmas is fun.

When I think of Ethiopia I think about the capital Addis Ababa.  My parents lived there.  The language is Amharic.  The climate is hot.There are mountains and hills.  Fossils were found in Ethiopia that date back 2,000,000 years.  There are beautiful falls.  The famous falls are the Tisisat Falls. The food is good.  It's named eggs, ingera, bread and sauce.


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