Food Puppet Show

Hi!  I am Adam the Apricot.  Thanks for coming.  I'm from the apricot world.  I was first found in Asia over 400 years ago.  Then I was taken to Europe and then to America.  In America I mostly grow in California, Washington and Utah. 

Our trees can grow to 30 feet high.  We have Vitamin A.  Vitamin A helps you see in the dark and helps your bones.  Remember to not eat the seeds.  It's poisonous. You will want to pick the golden orange apricots.  They're the best!  That's all for me kids. Remember to eat healthy.

Hi! I'm Bobby the Bread and today we are talking about bread.  Did you know that we are the oldest food manufactured by men?  The first breads made were hard and flat. The Egyptians made the first leavened bread when they made the first ovens.  There are lots of breads now.   There is French bread, Italian Bread, white bread and corn bread.  Bread is made out of grain and then turned into flour and baked in ovens.  In the 1900’s bread was mainly baked in homes. Now we find it in many places like bakeries, stores and restaurants.  Bread makes energy for people.  So remember to eat 6-11 servings of me or my cousins cereal, pasta or rice.

Hi! I'm Bull the Broccoli and today we are going to talk about Broccoli.  I help heal people and I help people to not have cancer and that is good.  I'm closely related to cabbage and did you know that I'm also related to a cauliflower.  We grow from seeds or seedlings.  We come from the eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor.  To pick good broccoli you will need to pick a dark green one or a bright one but do not pick a yellow one.  Trust me it tastes awful.  Folks that's all.  Remember to eat us all the time.

Hi! I am Cory the Carrot.  I am the King of the Vegetables.  My wish is to help people to see-especially at night because of my high level of carotene and Vitamin A. I also have Vitamin B1, B2 and C.  Most people like me especially Bugs Bunny.  People eat me in many ways like soup.

I am Donna Donut
I am part of the fat, oils, and sweets like butter, cake, frosting ,  French Fries  and candy.  Fat protects our bones and our organs like our heart, lungs and liver.  So you need a little of this - but you better not eat many of us.    You want to have good teeth and sweets and fats can give you cavities and they can make you fat. Nobody wants that so this is not a food group. 

Hi ! My name is Girlie Grapefruit.

I am rich in Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is good because it is good for blood vessels and strong bones and teeth.  People who don't get vitamin C may have sore gums and are very tired.  We’re one of the larger citrus fruits.  We grow on an evergreen tree which is round.  We grow in a tropical climate.  That means  the weather has to be warm to hot.  When you see us on the tree we look like  a bunch of giant yellow grapes stuck together so that's why they call me Girlie Grapefruit.  I'm good and juicy and a great fruit or fruit juice for breakfast.  I hope to see you in the morning.

Hello! I represent the Meat.  The most common meats come from cows.  That's roast beef, steak, hamburger and veal. The next is hogs or pigs. That's pork, ham, spareribs, sausage and bacon. The next is sheep. That's lamb and mutton. They are the red meats. The white and dark meats are poultry like chickens, duck and turkeys and fish. That's me.

I'm Mish the Fish.


<>We are necessary for a well balanced diet.  It is an energy food and contains the five basic food elements that human beings need-

like proteins which repairs damaged cells and repairs new tissue,

 minerals like iron,


vitamins like Vitamin A and C which helps our skin and vision,


 Vitamin D which builds bones and teeth


 fats which protects our organs from injury and keeps us warm


and carbohydrates which helps with digestion and gives energy to operate muscles and nerves and repair body tissues.


So you see I'm very important and it is recommended that you eat 2-3 servings a day of me..

Hi Kids I'm Martin the milk.  I hope you're enjoying the show.  I am the perfect food.  I come from cows in America.  In Latin America I come from goats.  In Arabia and Asia I come from camels.  In Spain I come from sheep.  Most people in America think I only come from cows.   I have calcium.  Calcium helps your bones and teeth.  I have a lot of vitamins like vitamin a, Vitamin B, vitamin K vitamin E and Vitamin D and vitamin C.  Dairy farmers milk the cows and then a truck takes it to a factory where it is processed and put into cartons.  Then another truck takes it to the store where you can buy me.  

Some other products that come from milk are cheddar cheese, ice cream, butter, cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese.  They are all good.