Parts of a Friendly Letter


                                                                             Heading of a letter                       
                                                                       Address:House number Street
                                                                                        City, State Zip Code
                                                                    Date:     Month Day, Year

Salutation or Greeting,
Dear ________,  always ends in a comma
              Informal  Hi________
,    always ends in a comma

This is what you tell the person you are writing.
Don't forget to indent each paragraph.
A paragraph begins a new topic.


                                 Closingalways ends in a comma
Your friend,
Yours truly,

Write your name


Return address                                                                            stamp
your name
your house number Street
your City, State zipcode

                                                                                         Deliver to
                                          Miss. Mrs. Ms. Mr. __________________
                                          house  number Street
                                          City, State   zipcode