Our Garden Poetry

 Names have been purposely omitted.
Pen names are coming soon.

The flowers are yellow and purple and green.
It really makes a beautiful scene.

A flower grows.
When you turn on the hose.

Carrots are orange.
Berries are red.
I like to eat apples and bread.

Carrots for Lunch
They are so good to munch.
They are so good to eat.

A Cabbage is green
A queen eats a bean.

Tomatoes are red.
The Queen sits on her bed.

Pink Think Roses
They Smell Pretty to Our Noses.

A Sunflower is sweet.
I planted one on my street.

I planted my seed.
  It looked like a bead
Water I need!
 I hope my plant doesn't
Turn to a weed.

Seeds Grow
I need to hoe.
Oh no!
There is a crow!

The garden is big.
I can grow a fig.
I don't like the pig
That goes to the garden to dig.

I like the tree
That sits by the sea.

Roses are red
Sunflowers are yellow
Roses are pink
I like jello.

Spring showers make roses red and violets pink.

Roses are red
Plants are green
I'm so glad
That you're not mean.

Grapes are my favorite food.
I like tomatoes too
Bananas make me strong
I love to eat them at the zoo.

I like apples
they are green or red.
I like toe at apples
While sitting in bed.

Roses are red
Violets are blue.
I think and
You think too.

Flowers are pretty and I'm pretty too.
Gardens are sweet and I'm sweet too.

I pull the flowers out.
It makes me want to shout.

Bees make me sneeze.
Because it smells like cheese.

I like to eat Sunflower seeds
And I like to do a lot of good deeds.


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