Here and There

Missouri and the Philippines
I am from two places, the Philippines and Missouri.  I live in Missouri and my dad and mom and step mom are from the Philippines.  My family visits the Philippines when we have enough money.  I know a little about the Philippines and I know alot about Missouri

I'm going to tell you about Missouri first.  In Missouri it snows.   In the snow I build snow houses, have snowball fights and make snow angels.  In Missouri, if I get cold, I drink hot chocolate

It doesn't snow in the Philippines.  What I do in the Philippines is go to the beach, jet ski, swim and have fun like in the snow.  If I get hot, I put ice cold water on my face.

That's what I do in the two places I know.

Mexico and Missouri

In Mexico People celebrate the dead because they died from the war.  They eat skeleton bread for tradition and they have a parade with a skeleton.. But when it is over people just forget.  On the Fourth of July they don't do it the same as we do.  They do it at a different time.

In Missouri people have snow.  When people look in the backyard it is beautiful..  In spring they have earthquakes and
sometimes tornadoes.  On the Fourth of July they have fireworks. 

More Missouri and Mexico

In Mexico we have temples.  My mom said the temples are wide at the bottom and narrow at the top.  They also have sculptures of gods of fire, water , light and darkness and others.  I think they are made out of stone.  I would visit them if I were in Mexico.

In Missouri we have the 4th of July.  We have fireworks, relatives come or we go to them.  We celebrate the 4th of July because America fought the British and we wanted Independence from them. 

China & Missouri

In China I do not go to World's of Fun. 
In China I go to school  a long time and do a lot of homework.
I like kindergarten but I don't like the teacher
in second, thrid and fourth grade. 
In Missouri I don't know?  

America, Chile, San Antonio



               I am going to write about the differences in Chile and America


              I  am American , Chilean, and San Antonian,  American means I am from the United States  Chilean means I am from Chile and San Antonio is my village ,I don’t think it is my village but it is where I am from . There are a lot of differences about the United States and Chile. The first thing is it does not snow in Chile but it does snow in the United States.


             The second difference is that my house is in front, of the ocean and I don’t think there is an ocean around here.  The third difference is a lot of people are


poor in Chile,  but there are a lot of people that are rich right here in the United States .  Those are all my differences in my story.


                 Now I am going to talk about the things that are the same , Chile and the United States have the same kind of food.The second thing is that they both have haunted houses and there is one more same thing it is that they both have a lot of  pools and movie theaters.


                  Those where all the differences of Chile and America.  You heard about my village  and how poor or rich they are, you heard of my house in front of the ocean. You also heard what kind of food we had and you heard about movie theaters and more.




American Samoa and Missouri        




            I am from American Samoa and Missouri. First of all I am going to tell you about the differences that represent both Samoa and Missouri.

The things that are different are that American Samoa has coconut trees and Missouri does not.

Another thing that is different is American Samoa is on an island and it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.

Missouri is in the middle of United States .They have different languages like in Missouri you speak English and American Samoa you speak a Samoan language. In American Samoa it does not snow because it is close to the equator and in Missouri it does snow.  American Samoan   houses are  different too. They are different because the people of Samoa make it out of thatch roof.


             The things that are the same are that they both have governors. They have the same fast food stores such as they both have McDonalds.

 They also have the same type of school system .They also where the same type of clothing.

Now you know the similarities and the differences of American Samoa and Missouri.

America, Philippines, and South Korea      



I am comparing, and contrasting the Philippines, South Korea, and America.

First I am going to tell you about money in America. America has different money then the Philippines and South Korea. The American money has different words, different pictures, and meanings. There are different amounts of the money in America.  One is brown.  These are pennies which means one cent. Another coin is silver which means five cents or another name for it is a nickel. Another Silver coin can also be a dime which means ten cents. The quarter means twenty cents.


The Philippines has a cool palm tree, says two pesos, and a different person on the front. Money in the Philippines also have silver coins which they call fifty centavos. The pictures on the fifty centavos are really cool because they have a lady on it who is hammering a stone, or weight. A one centavo is brown just like the pennies in America. On them there is a little boy which looks like he is holding a kite. 


Korea’s money is very cool because there is a guy on there which is brown like the pennies in America. The words on the coin are written in Korean, so only Korean people can read it. There is more then one Korea in this world like North Korea, and South Korea. The leader of South Korea is very important to them, and their leader is all ways making his people happy. North Korea leader is name Kim Jong IL. They have different leaders then all the other countries, and States. Kim Jong IL tells every one what to do. The Philippines leader is Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. She is very pretty just like her people. I bet that the Philippines people love their leader a lot.


            Next I am going to tell you about the food in all three places. The food in South Korea is Kim bob, Kim chi chuga, fish soup, and rice. Kim bob is made with dry sea weed, and is very soft. You can eat Kim bob with steam rice, but not fried. In the Kim bob you can put in vegetables of all sort like: avocado, cucumbers, and raw fish. Kim chi chug is made by having plain chim chi and frying it. Other recipes you can add are bacon or tofu.  Fish soup is made by having a flat cooked  fish, and cucumbers. You can have a very hot tender soup with it. Rice is made by little seeds which you have to be sure you wash very well. One popular American food is pizza which you can make with dough which is made up of:


Yeast, and probably 


You can add cheese, pepperoni, or even sausage.


Philippines food is melons, soybean paste, liver, and squid. You can make a lot of things out of these like soup and or, or you can eat it with rice, and Kim chi. The lever is made by boiling water in a pot, or frying it in a frying pan. When the lever is done you can add spices like peppers, and onions. The soybean paste is very common in South Korea. I don’t know what it is made up of, but I do know that it taste very good with rice and water, or cooking like noodles, and soup. Squid in the Philippines is juicy. It taste like liver, but I do not eat it much. The squid looks like a squid. You can often find it at city markets, ort downtown. 

America, and South Korea also has stuff in common like they eat left over’s, and they’re  very nice. The Philippines people are very nice too. Like my mom I’m half Philippino, but my mom is fully Philippino.


            Then next I am going to compare the flags of the three countries, and contrast the United States the Philippines, and South Korea. The Philippines, and South Korea flags and the United States flags are very different; the flags are all different because the South Korean flag has a big circle that is half red, and half blue. It has no stripes like the American flag. The Philippines flag has triangle on the edge of it with what looks like a sun, and tree tiny stars in the corners. The color of the flag is red, blue, white, and yellow. It has stripes, but only two. Not like the America flag. The America flag has 50 stars, and 13 stripes. The colors are Blue, red, and white. It is so pretty. Just like the other flags.

 That is all the things I know about in all three places.