When writing an essay
at the beginning of each paragraph
move the first line in
about 5 spaces.
This will help the reader
know a new idea
has been introduced
in the story.

  >   Growing up in Ohio led me to be the person that I am today.  I lived with my mother, father and older brother.  We had a chow and once in a while fish, rabbits and ducks for pets. 

   >  Our home had a big yard.  In fact it was so big that my dad made a small nine hole golf course around the yard.  Our family and friends would come over and play golf with us.

  >   Once my friend came over and stood too close while I was swinging the club.  It hit her just above the eye!  I was so upset!  I could have put her eye out.  She had a golf ball size knot on her head for over a week and had to miss school.