When I think of the Marshall Islands I think of

    My house is made of wheat string.  That is how it can stand.  The house was on a flat sidewalk.  It is nice because when you go out you see all the cars out there and you also see new faces.  There were lots of bushes by my house.  I had a big porch.  It was nice because when Halloween came we always put scary stuff on the porch.  When my friend came and said "trick or treat" my dad would give out the candy. It was always the porch that  reminded me about my house.  My house was big.  In side we had a little kitchen.  Part of my living room was a play house .  My step brother and I played in.  We had a big TV and a bigger collection of tapes. Upstairs I had a big room.  I had a giant bed.  It was full of stuffed animals.  The bathroom was big and my step brother's room was the same size as my room.  My parents room was the biggest room and it had the biggest bed.  I was jealous.  In the basement we had a bigger TV and more tapes and 3 couches.  All of them were love seats.  On the other side of the basement there was the guest room.  On the other  side of the basement there was a laundry room.  It was huge.  Another room in the house was a huge playroom.  It was great!