When I think of Mexico I think of

First we do is we go to Posadas and sing.  Then we go to a other Posadas and have a party and hit piñata and give candy.  We have some more then  sooner later it's Christmas.  Then there's no more.


They eat a big dinner.  The children go out side in the dark and shoot
off firecrackers.  The ladies cook.  The men watch football and they go
to toh.

In New Mexico we put up a tree.  We give each other presents, not just
to give to them but to be caring and nice.  We put up our tree on the
first of December and on Jan 2nd we take all the decorations down. We pick
our name out of a hat that has the kids names and we get to buy a
present for them.. My sisters plays the piano of Christmas songs
while we open our presents.  We go sledding after.  We have all of our
family come over.  We eat a big dinner.  My sisters says the best thing
about Christmas is the presents and food.  I like Christmas because we
have our family over and we get to open our presents and eat lots of food.


Christmas is a time to open the presents and to be happy.  My family is
always at my house, but my aunt did not go to my house last year.  She
is going to come this Christmas.

On Christmas morning my family goes to church.  After church my mom
starts cooking the big dinner.  She makes rice, boiled eggs with
stuffing inside, tacos, and Bar B Q.  After the food is done we wait until
the rest of the family comes over.  When everyone gets to our house we
all eat dinner.

After dinner we open our presents and play with the toys.  My older
cousins play with the younger cousins toys.  Then I go to be bed .  My
parents and aunts and uncle stay up and watch Army movies.

Day of the Dead
It's like a party for one whole day.  You get to go to grave yards, eat, play games, and you get to eat anpanadas.  There are many flavors.  I brought the Cheese meat.  That's what I brought today to ESL!!!

When I think of Mexico I think of me when I was a baby.  I think one of my uncles has a corvette.  It looked nice.

When I think of Mexico I tink of my family.  I palyed with my brothers outside.  There was a table and we were eating.  We had a bathroom outside of our house.  We also had a truck or a car.

Cinco de mayo

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