When I think of Pakitstan I think of.....
Pakistan is a wonderful country.  If you visit Pakistan you will learn about everthing you want like about our presidents and learn how one young man and his sister saved our country from the Bristish People.  Thanks to those defenders who saved Pakistan.

The first people, cave men, invented a lot of things.  But some of the cave men I have heard were Pakistani and one of them was sent by Alllah.(God)  His name was prophet Adam who said, "Instead of being like this, Lets make clothes of leaves."

In Pakistan you will see people selling ice cream, popcorn and cotton candy on the street.

The weather was so good that we can go outside by walking.  There were special footpaths to go on.

Oh I miss that place.



When I think of Pakistan I think of my house.  I had lots of toys when I was a baby and my daddy picked me up.  I had a lot of fun.

Lion Sunny

I remember Eid.  It is special because I can have fun.  W open presents. We put Eid lights inside.  I spray my hair colorflul.  Love for Nanna.  Then I open the presents.  They are goldfish and cat and jack in the box.,28132,1612047,00.html