When I think of  the Philippines I think of


Christmas is the longest festivity the Filipinos celebrate.  Preparations for Christmas start as soon as the month ends with "ber" that is September.  Christmas in the Philippines is very solemn and not material in nature.  Filipinos always await for the nine day Novena Mass which starts December 16 and ends Christmas Eve.  This Novena Mass is called Misade Aguinaldo meaning "giftmass.  We also have a midnight meal on Christmas Eve called Noch e Bucha.  On Christmas day there's Mass every hour.  Christmas celebrations end during the "Feast of the Three Kings."


We celebrate Christmas by visiting our families.  We also make ornaments.  We cook lots of food.  We go caroling and we give gifts.  We go to church on Christmas Day.  We have a lot of fun during the Christmas Season in the Philippines.

In the Philippines we celebrate Christmas.  If we celbrate it,  we cook.  We use fireworks and play with our friends and the most important is we eat together.  We love to open our presents on Christmas.

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