What's in my bag


My bag is cool.

I like to see the American flag because I am in this country.
I like to see a snake.
 I like to see pumpkins because I like to carve.
I see a Christmas tree and a flower,

My bag is pretty.

My Bag is Cool

I like my bag because it is really cool.

I like my boat because I jump on the waves.

I like my house because I have a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen and stove.

I like my tree because I climb on it.

I like my car because my Dad is driving.

  I like my Christmas tree because I put Christmas light on it.

I like my bus because it come to my house.

First I put a boat because I like to ride in it.

Then I put a school because I like school because you do work.
Next  I like Halloween.  Another holiday I like is Christmas.  I like pools because you could swim.

I like cats because they are my favorite animal.
I like daisies because they are my favorite flower.
I like to play with my cousin.  I read books with her.
I like Panda bears.  They are my favorite wild animal.

See my bag. I like my flag help me prayful help me and my family be good.
I want to put a christmas tree in my bag.  Next I put my family because I love y family.  Ten put my swimming pool because I like to go swimming.  Next I put grape drink.  Halloween is fun because treats at my house.
I put flowers in my bag because they smell good.
I put my book in my bag because I like to read.


I go down the street when I get on the scooter.

I like to go to my friend s house.  We play Intendo.

I like to see snakes because they are pretty.

I like to pet my dog because I love him and he loves me.

Stuff in My Bag
You will see many things in my bag.

First thing I put my flag because it is my country, my nation.
The second thing is I put a sandwich and pizza because I love my food. The third thing is Coca Cola because it is my favorite drink.  The last thing I put in my bag is my books.  I love my bag.

This is my cool bag.

First I have a Mexican flag because I was born there.  Next I have a headless snowman because I like to make snowmen.  Next I have my friends because I like my friends.  Next I have a football because I like football.  Next I have pizza because I like to eat pizza.  Next I have a phantom with a spear because I like scary movies.  I hope you liked my bag.

In my bag I have cool things in it.
First I put my friends because we like to play together.

Next I put swimming because I like to swim friends and my family.  Next I put a hamster because I would like a pet hamster.  I would name it Sweety.  Next I put a dog which is a puppy.  then I put holidays because I celebrate holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve.  Then I put present because I love to get present in Christmas and my birthday.  Last I put cake because I love to bake cake with my aunt.  That's what is in my bag!

I put a happy face on my bag because I am happy.
I like school and I like recess.
I like Halloween and I like scaring people.
I like Christmas because there is snow on the holiday.

These are  the things that are in my bag.  First i would put sports because sports are entertaining.  More then one person can play sports.  Next I would put snow boarding.  I like it because Its fun to play in the snow.  Next I would put the USa flag.  I put it in my bag because the USA is the home of the free.  Next I would put a Christmas tree.  I put  it in my bag because you get with your friends and family.  Next I would put my family.  I put them in because they card fro me.  Last i would put soda.   I put soda on because it tastes good.  These are all the things that are in my bag.

Pop Corn Story

The day was hot in Sideband.  All the creatures were hot and they all wanted food. It was too hot to have food because the crops would shrivel up and die. Next morning a bright glowing frog cam down from the sky and burped.  Suddenly all this popcorn suddenly came out of his mouth. The popcorn was all over the land and there was no more hungry creatures in Sideband.