Mr./ Mrs. Miss
Potato Head's  Problems

Mrs. Potato has a problem because she left her homework home.  So she told the teacher that she left her homework.  The teacher called her mom and dad.  Her mom and dad brought the homework.  And she did he did her homework and then she would always do her homework

Mrs. Potato has a problem.
Her dog is sick.
She takes her dog to the vet.
Her dog was better.


Mr. Potato broke his head and he put on some tape.
Then he broke his legs and he put some on Mr. Potato.

My hairy potato is a master potato and he is a good potato.

He captured the leprechaun because he messed up the Prairie Point classroom.

Once upon a time in Russia a great powerful evil force was born.  It was destroying the town and steeling from other people.  So the mask man flew out and started to fight the potato head.
Christopher Columbus

Once upon a time there was a potato named Mr. Potato Head.  "Can I go to school?" said Mr. Potato Head. First Mr. Potato Head went to school.  You're dirty, one of Mr. Potato Head's friend called.  Uh Oh!  I need a bath, said Mr. Potato Head.  We went inside to tell the teacher.  The teacher said, "You can go home to take a bath."  So he went home and took a bath.
Next Mr. Potato Head went to the movies.  I am going to the bathroom before I watch the movie.  The police came and took him to jail.  So his parents came to the jail and paid the bail.  "I'm sorry," said Mr. Potato Head." "I will never ever do that again.  I have learned my lesson.  I need to be in school because it makes me smarter."