When   I think  of  Russia
I  think  of  my  family  and  all  the  Russian  words  and  all  the  rides  that  I  rode  at  the  amusement  park  and  I  hope  when  I  go  back  to  Russia  I  can  see  my  friends.

Russian Festival

In Russia people love festivals! There is a lot of food . Some people even have picnics. Then comes the parade. In the parade you can see the new car models, women dancers in white dresses and men singers in red costumes. Then people compete in games like shooting gallery.  After that we have a show. Dancers and singers come back on the stage. They sing and dance and all people watch them. For the closing entertainment magicians perform magic tricks. Finally,  all of the people that performed come back on the stage so you can take pictures and get autographs. So now you know all about Russian festivals.
Christopher Columbus

When I think of Russia I think of my brother and sister, grandma and mom.

  Russian Alphabet