What season do you like the best?  Why do you like it?
Winter Spring Summer Autumn

Winter is a perfect time to have fun!   When the first snow falls.  I go out and have fun with friends.  We ride on sleds.  Some times we build a ramp.  If the snow falls a lot we have snow fight in friend's backyard.  The snowman is hard to make so we don't make them unless the snow is wet.  Winter is a way to have fun.!


Winter is the best season ever.  Why I like winter the most is because it has the most holidays. It has Christmas, New Years, Dr. Marin Luther Kings Jr. Birthday, Valentines Day, President's Day, St. Patrick's Day.

Winter is fun because we get to play in the snow.  Things we do in the snow is snow ball fights, building a snowman, eating snow cones, riding on the sled and going Christmas shopping.

My favorite holidays are Christmas and New Years.  On Christmas we wake in the morning and we open the presents.  I thank everybody that gave me a present and play outside after we're done.  We eat, then I put away all my clothes presents with my other things.  On New ears we party until 5:00 in the morning.  We eat at 12:00 midnight.  My friend and I spend the night at my uncle's house.  I usually bring my Nintendo 64 or Play Station.  So that's why I think winter is the prime season of the year.



Summer is the best season of the year.  We don't have any school in summer.  We get to go to Ocean of Fun and Worlds of Fun with our cousins.  We go to some of our cousins.  My cousins and I go to the park.  Sometimes we go to summer school.  I love summer!


Winter is a wonderful season.  We drink cocoa.  People are giving.  We celebrate Christmas.  We go sledding and have snow ball fights.  You get presents.  You can go ice skating.  Winter is a fun season..


Winter is my favorite season.  Winter is when I go outside and play with my friends.  I can make a snowman.  We celebrate Christmas.  We drink hot chocolate.  I get to shovel snow.  I get paid.  I make a snow angel.  You can go ice skating.  These are all my reason that winter is my favorite season.


My Favorite Season

Summer is the best season of the year.  In summer we can go to Oceans of Fun or Worlds of Fun too.

In summer we don't go to school.

We can go on vacations.

Summer is cool.


Winter is my favorite time of the year.  I like it because its fun.  You can make snow balls and a snow man.  You can ski and dog sled.  People drink hot cocoa.  The snow is pretty too.  That's why I like winter.

Christopher Columbus

Summer is fun.  I get to swim in the summer.  I get to play baseball.  I get to play soccer.  I like to play kickball in the summer too.  Summer is my favorite time of the year.


My favorite season is winter because I go down the mountain on a sled.  My sister has a huge sled that everyone gets on.  We make snowballs.  We throw  them.. We have a good time in winter.


My favorite season is summer.  First I like summer because you get to go swimming.  I also like summer because you don't have to go to school.  Also birds come back.  Then leaves grow on trees.  Finally flowers bloom and smell good.  Summer is the best season for me!!!!