St. Patrick's Day
     was mainly a religious holiday and brought to America by the Irish.
It honored their patron Saint Patrick
who used the shamrock to explain the Trinity
and who brought Christianity to

 According to an
Irish legend St. Patrick
drove the

snakes out of Ireland.

     Today in the USA it is a day of celebration.
There is dancing and singing Irish songs and drinking
and eating Irish foods such as corn beef and cabbage and Irish Stew.

 Irish legends and stories are told of
leprachans who have gold hidden at the end of the rainbow.

School children look for tricky leprachans

the legend says the
 leprachans must give you their gold if you catch them.

It is a fun day for everyone to wear green.

School children and business people participate by wearing green.

Shamrocks are worn and displayed.

           Patty Day Parades are held throughout the United States where people wear green.

There are St. Pat or St. Paddy Parties.

People pinch those who have forgotten to wear green.

Oftentimes people's heritage is discussed.
It is a good day
to teach children about their ancestors and their culture.

Pride in one's culture is evident on St. Patrick's Day
but everyone
can pretend to be Irish on this day.

        There are many famous Irish blessings.
This is one of them and
my wish for you.

Happy St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day   Janet Riehecky

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