I had a really good day.
Yesterday I got up and got dressed.
I had pancakes.
When I was done eating breakfast I played with my friends and played at my friends house.
After that I played three football games.  I lost one game.  I won the rest.

Then I played at my house and ate ice-cream.

It was a good day.

                     by Joe Daniel

If I had a perfectly wonderful day I would eat cereal in the morning.

Then I would watch TV.

In the afternoon I would eat rice.
Then I would sit down for a rest.
In the evening I would watch TV and would have rice too.
Last I would do my homework.
That is a perfect day.


Two months ago I was really happy in the airplane show.  Some airplanes in the sky were dropping bombs.  People had parachutes and were dropping out of air planes.  Then people started shooting.  We got to buy stuff too  My cousin got a little air plane.  I got an airplane that can fly.  It was a fun day.

Jealousy is like a slimy green snake.
It sounds like a cat fighting.
It tastes like bitter lemons.  It smells like rotten garbage.
It feels like a painful stabbing of a knife.

I was happy a lot when I was going to my cousin birthday.

We play a lot of games.  We dance and sing to music.
W get to go outside and we have a fun day.
 I hope my birthday is fun too. A

In the morning I was worried because I thought I was going to miss the bus.  I ran fast to the bus and I didn't miss it.  When I got on the bus I thought my mom or dad didn't sign my assignment notebook but my mom signed it.  I didn't know what to get Seth for his birthday but I decided to  give him money.  I guess I don't need to worry as much as I do.  J

Bored is like a blue river flowing.
It sounds like a road runner beeping.
It tastes like rotten cheese
It smells like garbage
It feels like a rock.

Ashamed is like a rotten brown banana.
It sounds like a violin screeching.
It tastes like a sandwich that has been under the couch for 10 years.
It smells like stinky cheese.
It feels like some one beating me.     Tom

Love is like a red rose.

It sounds like a breath of wind.

It tastes like a juicy strawberry.

It smells like fresh blossoms.

Love feels nice and romantic.

Excited is a bright pink color.

It sounds like singing in the sky.
 It tastes like M&M cookies.

It smells lie a daisy.
Excited feels like a party forever.

Happy is green.
Happy sounds like laughter.

It taste like sweet potato.

 It smells like a beautiful rose.
It feels like having love.

Today I felt sad because I didn't do my homework..
My teacher was very sad and she put me in time-out.
I had to do my homework at school.
She told me to never do that again. Lincoln

Angry is red
It sounds like thumping
It tastes like green beans.
It smells like pepperoni pizza
Anger feels like hurt.

Confused is like everything is turned around.
         It sounds like a spinning tornado.
         It tastes like a salt and Kool-Aide.
         It smells like eggs with chicken.
         It feels like somewhere else.


Jealous is like a green slimy snake.

It tastes like garbage

It smells like moldy cheese

It sounds like cats fighting

It feels like a knife stabbing me.

I felt happy when I went go-carting.  One reason is I almost beat my brother and I crashed.  That was funny.  Then we went to the arcade and I came in first place in this boxing game.  My last reason is I almost came in first place in a racing game.  That's how I felt.

I feel angry when my brother bosses me around
People bother me
When I have to go to sleep
When I break a bone and I can't play outside.


On September 1, 2004 I was going to the mall with my mom.  We saw an ears peircing center.  So I went over there and asked my mom if I could get my ears pierced.  She said yes.  Then I went over there and got my ears peirced.  First we had to sign the sheet. Then I went into the place.  I sat on the chair and waited.  The lady got some cotton and put some alcohol on it.  She rubbed my ear.  Then she got a thing that looked like a stapler and pinched my ear.  Now I have gold diamond earrings.  I am so glad we went to the mall.

Self Conscious is blue hair messed up in the morning.

It sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

It smells like a dead frog.

It tastes like all kinds of vegetables.

It feels like sharp needles.
Joe Daniel


It looks like a donkey
It sounds like a hen screaming
It smells like a dead egg
It tastes like fish

It feels like something might eat you.

I feel excited because last week I celebrated my birthday.

I was so excited I forgot to do my home work .

We had a party.  My friend came to my party.

 I was so happy and I got presents.

We ate a lot of food.
I had a big cake for my birthday.  That  is why I feel excited.

My perfectly wonderful day

First I started with some watching TV and then I brushed my teeth.

After that I ate breakfast of eggs,

and some

fried rice.

Next I went to play with my friend and I invited him to my house for a sleep over.

 For lunch I ate fried rice with some crab ragoo.

After lunch I played football..
For dinner I ate at Old Country Buffet.  Then it was sleep over time.  We watched a scary movie and it was a wonderful day.

Happy is a pink cherry.

Happy sounds like giggling.

Happy smells like sweet powder and


It tastes like delicious



ice cream.

It feels fluffy.