Then and Now

There are many similarities and differences between Benjamin Franklin's time and now. 
The similarities are glasses, books, war, guns, dresses, money, taxes, and operations.

On the other hand life today has phones, radios, TV, computers, contacts, jeans, boots,
bikes, airplanes, scooters, x-rays, running water, showers, electricity, heaters and mail men.

In Ben's Time they had bifocals, bonnets, bustles, petticoats, knickers, traded things, ate herbs, buckets of water,
candles, fireplaces and plants.

Things are different today than they were back in Benjamin's Franklin's time.  The similarities are people in both times used schools, glasses, money and they paid taxes. However on the other hand people used candles to read, while today they use electricity.  Today both girls and boys wear pants and T-shirts.  Back then  had ruffles and knickers and girls wore dresses.  Today we have robots and they didn't.  That is my story about the similarities and differences in our time and  Benjamin Franklin's time.