Valentines Day


In America Valentine's Day is a time when people give cards

with hearts and flowers and cupids and cute animals and lately cartoon characters to tell someone  that they they admire, love  or like them.  It is a time to let people know they are special friends or sweethearts.
Flowers are  exchanged as well as balloons and candy.

Roses are generally the flower of choice during this time of year.

Red and Pink are generally thought to be Valentine colors.
Adults go out to eat or plan a special meal to share with their loved ones and/or  families.
Gifts are sometimes exchanged.
In school children exchange Valentine cards in class.  A Valentine's party is planned by the room mothers where children play games and exchange Valentines and have a special treat.

Sometimes classes decorate Valentine Sacks or Boxes.  It is a fun time to be creative.

Sometimes dances are also planned for older students.
Sometimes they have Sadie Hawins Dances where the girls ask the boys out.


Common Greetings Found on Cards

Be Mine

Be My Valentine

I Love You

Heart  Links

Kindergarten songs




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