When I think of VIET NAM I think of

<>When I think of Vietnam I think about a temple. Buddha is like God.  Buddha is a legend person.  I think of an ocean that has a octopus in it and kills 5 people.  I think of a family that I like.  I think of a beach and I like to play in it and splash.  I think of a museum.  In the museum I saw a throne and got to sit in the kings chair and I got to wear the kings clothing.  I think of a rainstorm and saw the water higher then the steps.  I think of a people that may think that a dragon flew across the sky.  I think that the king got a cold and died.  There was a forest that has Buddha in front of the tree.  It was 240 pounds.  The gold is

I rode to Chicago, Korea, Kong Fu, and Viet Nam. The first day we stay home for one day and then the next day we go to the roller coaster alot of days.  Then we went to the ice cream store and that is what we did every day.  That's all, but my Mom and Dad don't go.  Only me.

Viet Nam look amazing and cool but grandma's house is alot bigger and my old grandpa's house is bigger too.  But not big as grandma's when we to to the temple it looks beautiful then the house and that's all.

When I think of Viet Nam I think about things like Chinese.  I think of a Temple and Budddah.  Buddah is like god.  I think of an octopus living in the ocean and killed 5 peoples.  I think of a king who died a long time ago and he was mean.  I think of people who ride motorcycles and bicycles.  I think of rice fields too.  That is what I think about Viet Nam.

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