Around the World in 80 Ways

Academic Concepts & Vocabulary

Social Studies

Communication Technology
answering machine, billboard, camera, communication, satellite, computer, fax, Internet, keyboard, messages, modem, monitor, radio, receive, satellite, technology, telephone, television, etc.

World Trade
domestic, exports, foreign, imports, products, trade

Physical Science

Machine Parts/Operation

button, close, document feeder, keys, motor, on/off, open, panel, press, push, receiver, speaker, switch, turn on, etc.

invented, invention, inventors, need

Language Arts
Elements of Fiction
characters, events, plot, setting, title

Folk Tales
Cinderella, evil, fairy godmother, folk tale, glass slippers, good, king, magic, stepmother, wicker, etc.

purr, roar, etc.

divide, equal, equivalents, fractions, half, part, percent, percentage, whole

circle graph

Everyday Vocabulary

Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers
one, first, two, second, three, third, etc.

baseball cap, blue jeans, blouse, etc.

Postal Words
deliver, envelope, etc.

Social Courtesies and Greetings
hello, may I, thank you, etc.

answer, call, dial, keypad, phone, etc.


The Korean Cinderella
 Shirley Climo
Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters 
John Steptoe
Nine O'Clock Lullaby
 Marilyn Singer
Talking Walls 
Margy B. Knight
Wishbones: A Folktale from China 
 Barbara K. Wilson
Don Radio/Radio Man 
Arthur Dorros
The vocabulary and book list on this page are provided in the series
"Into English!"

Hampton Brown.