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Academic Concepts & Vocabulary
Earth Science

Solar System
atmosphere, comet, Earth, moon, orbit, planet, revolve, rotate, solar system, universe, etc.

Types of Energy

coal, energy, hydroelectric dam, natural gas, nuclear power, solar energy, water wheel, etc.

Physical Science

Properties of Matter

gravity, magnet, weightlessness

Scientific Method
experiment, hypothesis, observation

shadow, sun, sundial


add, average, convert, divide, multiply

Spatial Relationships

distance, size

Social Studies

climate, continent, landforms, etc.

Space Exploration
astronaut, crew, launch, mission, outer space, pioneer, rocker, telescope, etc.


broadcast, news flash, reporter

Language Arts

Elements of Fiction

character, plot, setting

Everyday Vocabulary

Home Address
address, city, state, street, zip code

Question Words

how, what, when, where, who, why

Social Courtesies

good-bye, hello, etc.

Times of Day
day, night

airplane, automobile, bicycle, vehicle
Floating in Space Franklyn M. Branley
My Place in Space Robin and Sally Hirst
Harry's Helicopter Joan Anderson
Legend of the Milky Way  Jeanne Lee
The Moon  Seymour Simon
The Planets Gail Gibbons
Sky Above Earth Below Joanna Cotler
Space Vehicle Anne Rockwell and David Brion
What's Out There?  A Book About Space Lynn Wilson
La luna, el sol, y las estrellas John Lewellen
Los planetas del sol  Allen Fowler
Tuyet dieu/Amazing Grace  Grace Mary Hoffman
El universo  Irene Spamer


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