My favorite grandfather is back in Russia.  His name is Ivan.  I like him because he has always been nice to me.  He always bought me candy when I visited him.  He also was in a war protecting the country.  That's why I love him.  He never hit me or got me in trouble miss him very much.
 Christopher Columbus

I like my dad's dad.  He is great.  He is nice to me when I go to his apartment.   I go there every summer.  I like going there.  He is a great man.  He had a hard life and complex life.  He does everything all the time.  He is tired all the time.  He is 66 years old.  He is getting old but I love him very much.

My dad's dad is my grandfather.  He is about 54.  He is really educated.  He ha no accent when he speaks English.  He is old but still strong.  He has a lot of perseverance.  I have met him.

My mom's dad is my grand father.  He lives in a small country named Quater.  He is 60 years old.  He also works with my uncle.  He likes to play a Pakistani game called Lado.  He prays to God a lot.  He is away from my grandfather .  I have never met him.