Union Chapel/ Line Creek
ESL Newsletter

February 2015

Important Dates to Remember
January 21-February 25

As stated in the January newsletter I have been giving the ACCESS test.  It is very detailed.   It has been adopted by the state of Missouri and has been developed by the WIDA Consortium.  Twenty two states have joined the Consortium.  It tests Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in the areas of Communication Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science. 

In kindergarten we are working in the Plant Unit.
We will be looking at all the different types of fruit and vegetables.
New sight words for this month are

1st -5th grade will be working on
Nobel Peace Prize
 Power Points

Newcomers at UC are working on Community Words.

Newcomers at UC are working on Transportation and will then move into Recreation, Sports and Park.

February is

February has
Ground Hog Day
Feb 2

February is

Year of the Goat

Happy Chinese New Year
to my Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese Students

This month your children  will have



Friday, February 13th


Monday, February 16
President's Day

which is a national holiday.

There will be
No School

Let Peace Begin With Me

I hope you will be able to come to our ESL night this month
at UC
and Line Creek.

UC ESL night is Tuesday, February 24th.

Line Creek's ESL night is Thursday, February 26th .

I hope you can come.
Please RSVP.

Like before I am always adding to my web site.  You will find many good references as well as this newsletter.


Always sit with your children while they surf as sometimes an inappropriate or bad site can accidentally be found by an unsuspecting person.  My links are checked by me but I do not know what sites may be linked to them after I have checked them.