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November 2015

Parent Teacher Conferences
 It was nice to visit with so many of you during Parent Teacher's Conferences.
I always enjoy meeting with the parents of my students and sitting with your child's teacher as we go over your child's strengths and goals.
When school and home work together

I see great strides in student achievement.
If you have any concerns at any time,  please call or email me.  Know that
your child is important to me.



BAV Vocabulary

BAV Vocabulary

   On the next page you will find the Communication Arts Vocabulary that we have studied thus far.

These words are often linked to sites I have made to help them or sites that I have found on the web.
You will also see some learning games to help your child understand the concepts.

Vocabulary Definition
Action verb Shows action or ownership
Describe Nouns
Antonyms Words with opposite meanings
Apostrophe Takes the place of letters left out.
Author's purpose

The author's reason for writing. 




Cause What makes something happen.
Characters People and Animals in the Story
Compare Tell How Things are Alike
Complex Sentence Two or more ideas joined with a conjunction.
Compound Sentence Two simple sentences joined with a

Comma and a conjunction.

But, and or because

Compound Words Putting two words together to make another word
Command Tells or asks someone to do something
Comprehension Draw Conclusions About a Story
Contraction A Short form of two words
Contrast Tell How Things are Different
Context Clues

Can help you understand a new or difficult word.

Pictures, word ending or other words to help you figure out an unfamiliar word
Details Tells about the Idea
Effect  Consequence
The thing that happens from the cause
Exclamation Mark !
Used at the end of a sentence when showing strong feelings.
Fact Based on Real Evidence
Future Tense Verbs Actions that will happen
Helping verb Helps main verb show action (to make a statement)
Inference Read between the lines
Inflectional Endings Endings that change when the number of objects change.
Linking Verb Joins the subject to a noun or adjective in the predicate
Main Idea

Most important Idea

( to learn) in a story
Main Verb Shows what the subject does or is doing
Nouns Name a person, place or thing
Opinion Information based on what a person believes
Past Tense Verbs Actions that happened before.
Period .
Used at the end of a sentence when stating a command or telling a statement.
Plot What happens in the story
Plural Nouns

Plural Irregular Nouns

More than 1 person place or thing
Possessive Nouns Shows ownership s
Tells who or what owns something
Predicate Tells what the subject does or what it is.
Predictions Thinking what will happen next.
Prefix Added to the beginning of the word.
Present Tense Verbs Actions that happen now
Proper Noun Start with a capital letter.
A specific person, place, thing
Question mark ?
Used at the end of a sentence when asking a question in writing.
Run On Sentence Two or more ideas joined together without proper punctuation.
Sentence Tells a Complete Thought
Simple Sentence Subject and a Verb
Sequence The Order of a Story
Setting Where and When a story takes place
Singular nouns One person, place, thing
Singular possessive nouns

Shows ownership
Statement A Sentence That Tells Something
Subject Does the action in the sentence.
Summarize  Tell Tell only the most important things that happened in a story.
Synonyms Words with the same or similar meanings
Suffix Added to the end of the word.
Verb A word that shows action.
Verb Phrase Made of a main verb and one or more helping verbs
Verb Tense Tells when the action happened

Kindergarten will continue to work in their Reach Books. 
They will be learning about farms and farm animals and their babies.
They will also learn about animal parts, the sounds they make and their actions.
The big question is What are farm animals like?
They should know these sight words thus far.


I have sent home booklets to practice reading these words. I hope you are reading the booklets with your children.

I have enlarged the sight words so you can print and cut them out and play games with them to help them learn these words.


The new words for December will be

Level B

To Your Front Door
How Do We Get What We Need?
Action verbs
Author's Purpose
Main Idea

  Noteworthy Dates

November 20
Christmas on the River

Park Hill Schools
5th Grade Choirs Singing
in Parkville

This month we celebrate two national holidays.

Veterans Day

honors people who served in the military
November 11

This year in class we talked about the different uniforms that were worn during the different military battles too.
Thanksgiving Day

is when families gather together
 to remember
the first Thanksgiving
when Pilgrims had a feast in the 1600's
to give thanks to the Native Americans
 and God
  for their harvest.
This year it is celebrated on
November 26


Park Hill Schools
will not have classes from November 25-27
due to the Thanksgiving holiday.
Classes will resume
Monday, November 30.



For those of you who have computers check my web pages for more useful information.
There are interactive games and good resources.
It can be found on the Park Hill Web Site under your official school web site as well as


Again I want to emphasize that you need to sit with your children while they are on the internet. Sometimes recommended internet sites can change without my knowledge.

Wishing all of you a safe and wonderful holiday.